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Our Work

At the Boston Center for Refugee Health & Human Rights we strive to:


  • offer Exceptional Care Without Exception

  • utilize the community as a vehicle of healing and recovery

  • practice a Holistic Model that is interdisciplinary

  • practice radical hospitality





Survivor Testimonials

When someone takes the time to listen, when someone reaches out, when someone does a thoughtful thing that makes you feel warm throughout. When someone lends a helping hand, finds ways in which to share, when someone makes you feel secure by always being there. When someone senses there are times when you have special needs, when someone gives you inner strength through words as well as deeds. When someone seem to take an interest in just how you’re faring. It’s time to tell that special someone. Thanks so much for caring!

I am very sincerely grateful to Boston Medical Refugee Center for rescuing and healing me from my fears, sickness, hopelessness, tension, loneliness, poverty and death. Don’t delay, see them now.

When my country turned against me, Life was at its worst; with a hopeless future waiting but Boston Center for Refugee health was just one step doubtlessly the next step I needed to make to see my smile again!  I thank you for your kindness, I will not soon forget; you’re one of the nicest people, I have ever met.  You took my hand from insecurity to security, Danger to safety and it’s the peace of mind I have today.  Long Live Boston Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights.

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