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Thank You for Your Support!

We would like to sincerly thank you for considering making a donation to the Boston Center for Refugee Health & Human Rights. Your generosity contributes to the stability and longevity of our program. Individual donations like yours ensures quality, holistic services to refugees and asylees in the Boston area. We are forever grateful.




Under where it says "Field is Required Gift Designation", please click on the bubble next to "Direct my gift to" and choose "Immigrant and Refugee Health Center" from the drop-down menu.  BCRHHR is a part of the IRHC. 

How your donation can help:

covers the cost of a warm hat and gloves for one person who may have never experienced snow or cold temperatures.

helps cover the costs for an elderly Somali women’s group to meet for one year to build community and reduce isolation.

supplements the cost of public transportation for one person to attend their medical appointments.

covers the costs for 15 people to attend a full-day work shop to develop their leadership skills.

allows one person to talk to a family member in their country of origin once per month for one year.

helps 50 clients get to medical appointments.

covers the cost of 3 professional outfits for 2 clients to wear for job interviews and work.

covers the cost of one affidavit written in support of an asylum seeker’s asylum claim to escape persecution in their country of origin on the basis of race, religion, political opinion, membership to a social group.

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