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We are pleased to announce that due to additional funding, our team at the  Boston Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights is  now able to see a broader range of clients beyond our previous restriction to only survivors of torture. Due to the increasing demand for our services, we are re-evaluating our immigration-related activities. Full psychological evaluations remain available for defensive cases for clients who are in care with our Center.  We are unable to accept referrals which are only for psychological evaluation without treatment. This policy will remain in effect until further notice. As always, psychological affidavits and treatment letters will be provided at the discretion of the clinician. Being seen for an intake does not guarantee that a treatment letter or affidavit will be provided.  We look forward to our expanded mission and to working together with our legal and community partners. 

Patients who are completely new to BCRHHR will need to first become a patient with the Immigrant and Refugee Health Center (IRHC). We accept people with and without insurance.

There are several important steps to becoming a patient at the IRHC:

  • BMC Registration 
    For patients who are new to Boston Medical Center, please register as a BMC patient by calling the BMC patient registration team at 617-414-6060.


  • Apply for Health Insurance Coverage
    Everyone in Massachusetts can access some health insurance coverage regardless of immigration status. For patients who do not have health insurance coverage, call BMC Patient Financial Counseling at 617-414-5155 to make an appointment to apply for health insurance.


  • Schedule an Appointment
    If you – or someone you know – are an immigrant or refugee looking to get access to any of our health, mental health or social services, please:

      - Call the IRHC front-desk at: 617-414-1994

      - Email us at

      - Submit an online referral at:



• Medical Care

• Mental Health Services

• Social Services

• Evaluations for Asylum Cases

• Legal Referrals

• Career Development Services for    

   Asylum Seekers

• Support Groups

We can help with:

For more details about our services:

As always, please feel free to consult or contact BCRHHR with any questions by reaching out to our number at (614) 414-4794

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