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Kemoh Salia-Bao, Kia Martin, Lin Piwowarczyk and Kate Walsh celebrate courage at the Beehive (pictured left to right).

Dr. Piwowarczyk displayed her beautiful photography and contributed a photograph to the raffle.

Celebrating Courage at the BeeHive

November 2014


In October, we celebrated the courage of those who pass through our doors with our Inaugural Fall Fête at the Beehive eatery on Tremont Street. Kate Walsh, President and CEO of Boston Medical Center, kicked off the program with some highlights of the work of the Center.


"We hear about refugees and victims of political and religious strife in the news every day," said Walsh. "It is hard to believe we have many refugees right here in our own community, struggling to find a place to live, learn a new language, or get a job. Thanks to Dr. Lin and her work, we can help these clients. And with the help of people like you, we can do even more."


"We are here to celebrate the courage of our patients, many of whom have endured great suffering due to their race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, political activity or membership in a social group," Dr. Lin, Director of BCRHHR, told the group. "Many were actively trying to improve the lives of those around them. On a dime, life changed-being forced into exile, seeking safety, leaving behind everything known and loved."


Dr. Kemoh Salia-Bao from Sierra Leone provided a living example of the clients who come to the Center.  After being subjected to surveillance, harassment and threats to his family and property, he and his family fled Sierra Leone and eventually landed in Boston with very little hope -- unable to work to support themselves, and in poor physical and mental health as a result of years spent under the stress of constant harassment and fear. BCRHHR and BMC helped Salia-Bao and his family to rebuild their lives, providing counseling, medical attention, transportation assistance, food from the pantry, and clothing from donations to the Center. "I remember the first suit I wore in this country was lovingly given to me by Erica [BCRHHR administrator]," said Salia-Bao. "I am wearing that suit tonight."


By all measures, the evening was a rousing success.  Everyone came out, had fun, learned something new, and in the process raised needed funds for the Boston Center for Refugee Health & Human Rights at BMC!  Thanks to all who attended, to the Friends of Women's Health who co-sponsored the event, and to the many dedicated volunteers.  Special thanks to the Fall Fête planning committee for making this night a success: Pam Adams, Kathryn Bloom, Georgina Castellucci, Stacy Cowan, Amy Holman, Ilana Hurwitz, Kia Martin, Jody Rose, Michelle Shell, Wendy Weiss, and Mariann Youniss. Many thanks to the following donors for their generous contributions:  SoulCycle, Platejoy, Olives & Grace, Blank Label, BeStyled Blow Dry Bar, Wendy Weiss, BMC Dermatology, and the Beehive!


Thank you all for your kindness and support.



Two attendees try their luck! 

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