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Newsletter Archive

Winter 2018 Newsletter - Winter Edition //:  Open Avenues Foundation Award; Fall Fete 2018; Career Corner; RPN in the Spotlight

Summer 2018 Newsletter //:  Client Gala; Career Corner; RPN in the Spotlight, Fall Fête Save the Date

Spring 2018 Newsletter //:  Visit to Capitol Hill; NCTTP Annual Symposium; Career Corner; Interns in the Spotlight 

Winter 2017 Newsletter //:  2017 Fall Fête; Connecting Through Music Benefit Concert; Funkadelic Fundraiser for the Winter Walk Team; RPN in the Spotlight

Summer 2017 Newsletter //:  Annual BCRHHR June Gala; Dr. Lin accepts APA Award on behalf of the NCTTP; RPN in the Spotlight; Fall Fete Save the Date  


Spring 2017 Newsletter //: Visit to Capitol Hill; NCTTP Annual Symposium; Women's March; A Former Client Speaks; Caring Communities is Back; Updates from Center; RPN in the Spotlight

November 2014 // 9-Week Job Readiness Concludes With Mock Interview Night; #Giving Tuesday - A Perfect Time to Make a Big Difference; Celebrating Courage at the Beehive


July 2014 // Radical Hospitality - The Little Ways We Can Help ;  Courage, Hope & Resilience - A Night of Rememberance & Rejoicing


February 2014 // These Shoes Work in the Snow! ; A Lesson in Giving ; On the Road to Good Health


September 2013 // A Night of Remembrance & Rejoicing ; Journey to Healing: An Interview with Jolly Kabatoro, Uganda ; Transporation Initiatvie: Connecting Clients to Healthcare ; Career Development Program: Mock Interview Night


Reflections on the Sandy Hook Tragedy // The Human Spirit Can Supersede Extremes of Violence


November 2012 // BCRHHR is a "Home Away From Home" for Former Ugandan Student Leader


Winter/Spring Newsletter 2012 // Bridgin the Gap: Equipping Our Patients with Tools for Integration


July 2010 // A Greeting Letter from an Refugee Patient Navigator ; Snap, Crackle, Pop


July 2009 // A Night of Remembering and Rejoicing ; America, What Makes You Tick ; Beyond Mental & Physica; Rehab: Helping Clients Get Back to Work ; Renewal & Celebration at Cameroonian Community Festivities ; Brush & Palette Prove Mightier than Sword


Newsletter: First Edition // International Women's Day: The Chance to look Beyond Ourselves ; Asylum Case Reversal Confirms FGM as Persecution ; Defining Rape as a Weapon of War ; Worker's Rights are Women's Rights ; Obama Scores Early with Two Major Women's Rights Victories ; Remembering Human Rights Activist Alison Des Forges




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