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If you are a refugee, an asylum seeker, an asylee, or if you are planning to seek asylum, you do not have to be alone. Here at BCRHHR, we understand the challenges that members of the refugee community face.


Our services are designed to meet the special needs of asylum seekers, torture survivors, and refugees from all around the world.


We can help with:

• Medical Care

• Mental Health Services

• Social Services

• Evaluations for Asylum Cases

• Legal Referrals

• Career Development Services for Asylum Seekers

• Support Groups






This guide is packed with valuable information on health, legal, and social services,

as well as life in Boston, and in the United States in general. We invite you to read our

guide, and hope you find it helpful.




Can you help me?

We specialize in the care of people who have experienced persecution in their homeland. Please read the list of questions below. If you answer “yes” to one or more of these questions and need help, please contact us.


• Did you come to the U.S. because you were being persecuted in your own country?

• Were you or your family threatened with injury or death in your country?

• Were you detained, imprisoned, captured, or kidnapped in your country?

• Did the government or agents of the government in your country (police, army, security forces) harm you in any way?

• Did the government or agents of the government (police, army, security forces) harm members of your family in any way?

• Are you in danger if you to return to your country?

• Are you planning to seek asylum?



The Boston Center for Refugee Health & Human Rights is open from 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday. We accept people with and without insurance.

Get Help

Download our Survivor's Guide

National & International Torture Treatment Programs

Not located in Boston, or require services in another state or country? Please check the map below for treatment programs in your area.

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